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New graphics card advice

29 Sep 2011
I'm going to be building a new computer soon based on either i5 or the bulldozer (waiting for benchmarks to see which is best).

As part of the build I need a new GFX card and I'm a little lost, normal i have always gone Nvidia but not sure if that still the best way forward.

The computer i'm building is not for gaming. It will be used for everyday computer stuff as well as 3D workstation apps like Inventor, revit, 3D Studio Max etc...

i would love to have a Workstation gfx card like the Quadro's but my budget will not strench close to that.

I'm looking at the £80-100 mark.


*EDIT* Sorry should also mention it needs to have dual DVI output!
5 Sep 2010
*EDIT* Sorry should also mention it needs to have dual DVI output!

Single link or dual link?

You need dual link for resolutions greater than 1920x1200.

Most current AMD cards with 2 DVI connectors tend to be 1 dual link and 1 single link.
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