New Headset. Opinions welcomed!

11 Oct 2008
Scotland (not Scottish)
Hi all,

I've currently got the Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1's, and one of the speakers has started popping every now and then (followed by crackling from all speakers).
Therefore I am in the market for something new and shiny!

My uses:
- gaming/music/films
- often on Ventrilo, mic needs to be good/very good

Important requirements:
- I have a small head, headset must allow for this. (I've had to add 1.5cm of foam underneath the Medusa's headband for the ear-cups to sit comfortably)
- not-wireless
- very comfortable for extended usage (8hours+)
- analog
- well built, I'm fed up of flimsy cables and creaking joints
- budget: £75-100. It will have to be some flavour of fantastic to stretch to £100 though.

Not so important requirements:
- stereo/5.1. I've got an X-Fi Xtremegamer Fatal1ty to work with, not super fussed if stereo or 5.1 as long as it sounds awesome.
- in-line remote. I hate these things so the smaller the better please. It's not a deciding factor if everything else is amazing.

I think that's it, so please recommend away! :)
30 Apr 2013
I recently got a hold of the QPad QH-90. It's a great headset from sheer audio quality and build. Easily available for around £80 and available as the QH-85 with an open cup design.

It's just a stereo headset but every group test and review I've read has nothing but great things to say about the QH-90.