New MP3 Player

8 Aug 2005
I am looking to sell my 6 GB iPod mini and ton of accessories and start again and go for something a bit newer that maybe has radio or some other feature I will probably never use.

I have narrowed it down to three likely candidates.

1= I River H10 6 GB £89
2 = Apple Nano 4 GB (v2) £129
3 = Samsung YP-Z5 4 GB £99 (with free Samsung speakers)

Has anyone got anything to say pro’s or con’s for any of the above models. Ideally I want to use media player 11 or drag and drop for ease of use.

The new Nano is just too small for my middle aged hands and I am not an iTunes fan so apple is probably in third place.

The I River was my original favourite but the fragile hard drives are what put me off. Even though it has a radio.

Then there is the Samsung not really heard a lot about these anyone got one?
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