new overclocked bundle- problems- advice?

24 Oct 2010
hi guys,

just a few days ago we recieved a new oc'd bundle to replace the wifes' ageing system that had just broken down..

the bundle:

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K 3.40GHz @ 4.40GHz Sandybridge CPU
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P Intel Z68 (default choice)
RAM: Kingston HyperX Genesis Grey 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz
Cooler: Corsair A50 CPU Cooler
Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound

to this i added..

500gb hdd
750w psu (ebay cheapo)
VTX OcUK radeon HD6870 1024mb
mid range ATX case
win vista pro

i built the new overclocked bundle with the all new components. apart from the gfx card issue (it was crashing and would not even complete a 3dmark benchmark test! - i have RMA'd it) the system has been running fine with internet and gaming (she plays WoW) for the last couple of days (with the gfx card from her old system).. it has been working just fine.


the pc is not working today. when powered on, it shuts off again within a couple of seconds, then powers on, then off again in a continuous loop. there is nothing on screen and no beep(s) from the mobo and no LED's lit on the mobo either..

earlier today, i suspected it was the psu that had failed and may be causing the problem. so i bought another brand new one from pcworld (cost £59.99) a 700w. (ocz technology 700w)
i have installed the new psu, but still the same problem. powers on then off repeatedly so the psu is not at fault.

i have tried unplugging all non essential hardware from the system, but still the same- it powers on then off repeatedly in a continuous loop every few seconds until i switch it off at the back. this is with just the psu, mobo, cpu, cooler and ram plugged in.

it must be either the motherboard, cpu or ram (overclocked bundle) at fault?

can you advise what i should do/try please? (aside RMA for now)

I have already RMA'd the VTX OcUK HD6870 gfx card because it was crashing the system, and the still have an unresolved issue regarding the overclock (or lack of it) which im still (patiently) waiting for the bios settings for, and now the system does not power up!

not only that, but the wife is giving me a hard time- its all my fault you see- "should have just gone to pcworld" is all im hearing- you can imagine.

i did buy my personal system/bundle from here last year (i7 950 4.01ghz, g'byte X58, 6gb, 2x GTX460's SLi) and it has been great, but this time around the expereince is not so good :mad:
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5 Sep 2010
Service Package
- Full 12 Month collect and return warranty
- Each specification is assembled from handpicked components for compatibility and stability
- Telephone, web note and forum technical support

If you believe that one of the three components from the bundle is faulty then what choice do you have but to RMA it?

Use the collect and return warranty.
24 Oct 2010
ultimately, it is likely that's what i'll have to do.

before that though, do you have any further troubleshooting suggestions that i could perhaps try to see if we can pinpoint which component is at fault?
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