New pc overheating

18 Oct 2002
Behind the bike shed
I have just built a pc using an Antec Aria case but the cpu is sitting at 60 deg C and the abmient is 45 deg C on full load. I belive the temp reading as the case does feel warn.

AMD 4400 duel core using the heatsink that was supplied (copper with heat pipes)
ATI 800XT 256MB gfx card
Asus micro atx mobo
Gigabyte pci wifi card

I have the supplied blower installed next to the gfx card aswell.

I'm thinking I'm gonna have to fit 2x 120mm fans to both sides of the case to blow air over the cpu.

Anyone else have this case and getting the same probs?
any other suggestions please?

Because the cpu is so hot the h/s fan is going at 4500rpm and not too quiet. excpet the h/s fan the case is very quiet.
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