New system time.

4 Feb 2006
As I have purchased Warhammer online, I am in need of a system that can play it. Currently Iam running an older socket 939 4200x2, sadly this only has DDR1 a 1950pro. It doesnt quite run the game at its best.

However at the moment I am not in the postition where I can purchase a whole system at a time. My major letdown of the system I have right now I believe is the graphics, So I have purchased the 8800 on the deal of the week. Even though this has 256MB, is will still run faster + Direct x 10.

I plan in the next couple of months to start buying components, I am going to leave the core parts till last. Next month I am toying with the idea of a new case and possibly the PSU. My current system has a Hiper 580 Modular power supply, this one I had was a replacement from hiper as the first one failed, my brother had one fail - however this one has outlasted both originals. I dont know wither to change this ? Or reuse this part ? The output is fine just alittle concerned about new components.

I havent also made up my mind if I want to stick with AMD yet. I have always been an AMD builder, however the Nforce chipset on this ASUS Ive had had let me down alittle, I am considering an intel. I do not need an SLI / crossfire board, and do not want to pay much more than £100 for the board.

All in all, Id probably looking to spend no more than £400 spreadover the next two months, then I`ll be selling off the old bits to re-coupe some costs back.

Considering what I have said I would love someone in here to make some build suggestions for me.

Thank you in advance.
22 Jun 2006
In a couple of months Intel should have i7 and X58 on the shelves which may (or may not) have an impact on new prices of other hardware. It should deffo though, put a few bargains up in the MM when people are selling old gear to move over.

What I'm saying is, wait the two months till you have all the cash then see what the market is like, asking for recommendations now isn't wise.