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newbie to moitors

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by chewie123, May 13, 2020.

  1. chewie123


    Joined: May 13, 2020

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    Good afternoon I am after purchasing a monitor never had one before but I have done some research on some of the key items. I was looking at the lg 34gl750 but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. is there anything else people can recommend preferably after a ips panel as read they seem to be better, a quad resolution think 4k is out my budget , ideally a refresh rate of 144 or 240hz and response time of less than 5ms. Its a xbox or playstation that will be getting plugged into it. Any help would be much appreciated. (realistically a budget of around the £500 mark but I think my spec blows that)
  2. PhilGQ


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    I think you might struggle to get all of that in one monitor at that price. If you gave up on IPS there are plenty 32" VA from a £350-400+

    That said if its for console you could give up the 144hz since current ones cap at 60fps. Also the one you referenced looks like an ultrawide which consoles won't support.

    You would probably be able to find the rest maybe even 4k. This one is 4k 60hz with freesync and HDR for £530:


    It's VA, they do a similar IPS for about £800
  3. Black Dog

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    The model you trying to get is ultrawide which is not supported by the xbox or ps4. They only support widescreen which is a 16:9 ratio not 21:9. Also you don't need above 60hz if you are planning to plug consoles in. Are you also using it for PC?

    There are plenty of 28-32" monitors in this site under your budget, some are 4k and some are 2k. All depends what you are using it for?