no signal issue

7 Jan 2009
hello all

I bought a Acer XB240HA Gsync monitor today, Connected it up with displayport but I cannot seem to get a signal at all.

I turn it on and it goes to the acer logo but then it displays "No signal" and switches off.

beforehand my other monitor was working fine via HDMI. Gfx card is a EVGA 780ti. Running windows 10.

Funny thing is nvidia control panel recognizes the monitor but I cant do anything with it such as it wont let me tick the box in the selection that says "choose the displays you want to use"

Also when I connect the acer up via DP and my other monitor via DVI, and I turn off the acer and back on my other monitor flickers and nvidia then says a GSYNC monitor has been connected.

Any thoughts?