NS2 on Windows

10 Dec 2007
Has anyone recently got NS2 to run via cygwin on 7 or even XP? I've literally followed like 5 guides over 3 days and never even got close to having it work properly. It may be impossible with the updates cygwin has went under. I am either missing files like X86Free-base (which is non existent on cygwin mirrors now) or if I get as far as installing it will just say missing files and close.

I basically need it to run a few labs from University for a log book. The way it is set up at Uni is that you can get a lab folder, put it on your desktop and run the cygwin bat from c:/cygwin and simply type in cd desktop then cd lab3 etc

Then you can do all your ns simple.tcl stuff etc so if anyone knows how to set that up I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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