NTL and proxy problem

26 Dec 2005
Hello guys, :)

I am a not-so-proud NTL broadband user. Recently (well, since 4 months ago), I began to experience some problems logging in to a few websites such as WoW-Europe, InvisionFree etc.

But the problem was solved after I went to my browser's connectivity settings, and using glfd-cache-5.server.ntli.net and Port 80 as my proxy setting.

However I've recently came across a new problem. I bought a guitar effects processor today. To install the driver, I have to use the software included in the box, login through the software so that the software automatically updates my guitar effect's driver (there is no way that I can download the driver manually, and the only known way is by logging in through the software).

I tried to login a few hunderd times, but it always fails to login. :( I'm quite sure that it is the same old proxy issue. However, this time the software doesn't have proxy settings like my browser does. So my question is: How the hell should I solve this problem.

Thanks in advance
10 Mar 2003
Which browser did you change the proxy setting in? Try changing the proxy setting for IE too, as if there are no proxy settings in the software maybe it will use whatever IE is using. I've had success doing that in the past.
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