12 Nov 2011
Think it might be some kind of caterpillar as you can see his hairs sticking out the web.

Although Tarantulas are pretty hairy too of luck =p

Bit worrying some of the eggs have already hatched
18 Dec 2008
They're actually rampaging dark terror insanity mutilation spider eggs, native of the deepest darkest hole in all of hell each egg actually hatches a minimum of 6 young which all share a hive mind. While attacking their prey the swarm injecting copious amounts of venom that sends their victims into a paralytic state save for the psychotic screaming induced by the worst and most horrific hallucinations drawn from the very depths of the individuals soul. Upon death the spiders hibernate inside the corpse. Eventually merging into one adult.

These adults are roughly the size of a small person however they now sport adamantium hides and a desire to watch Jeremy Kyle, those who attempt to stop it are bitten with a venom thats now evolved to turn the person into a complete chav so offers no resistance. Death takes years but is unavoidable.

I know cause my dad used to kill them for a living....

(Damn I'm bored)
18 Oct 2012
it looks more like an offering to k'hraahj the unending to me, you could leave it alone or face living your life under a stare that will flay your soul slowly over a period of 769 and 1/4 days leaving you an empty husk doomed to walk the earth never quite knowing the reason for it's suffering.

personally i'd say fire, then sell my soul to chtulu before k'hraahj can get it, at least chtulu has a nice pension plan for his followers.
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