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Nvidia 30Series PSU extension cables

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16 Jul 2012
I think I've just managed to finally score a 3070FE.

One thing I hadn't considered (as I didn't think I'd ever get one) is how bad the silly 12pin to 8pin Nvidia PSU adapter cable thing will look. In Nvidia's infinite wisdom the 3070 just converts a single 8pin to 12pin so has zero practical reason too! Propriety connectors are always bad in my view.

Has anyone managed to find how to get hold of some nice braided extension cables? I'm after a nice 30cm+ white braided extension specifically.
Note the 3080/3090 are dual 8 to 12. Whereas the 3070 and 3060ti are single 8 to 12. But if you find either please do post to help people out!

I currently use these which are excellent. So ideally looking to match so it doesn't look different to the 24pin: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/phanteks-extension-cable-combo-kit-white-cm-029-pt.html

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