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*** OcUk 2011 Distributed Computing Competition ***

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by ToxicTBag, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. k3v

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    Glad you got it ok, even more pleased you are using it for crunching :)

    Sorry to hear about the squealing, i dont think it was the last tiime i used it but to be honest it has been sat on a shelf for a while now so i may be wrong. Do the fans need a good clean?


    I ran the card with a gtx460 for a while with no problems whatsoever.
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  2. TheTross


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    It was always my plan to use it for crunching, as I don't do a lot of gaming at all - and the games I do play date back to when I had a P75 :D

    Don't worry about the squealing; it's something I was used to hearing with my 250 :)
  3. ToxicTBag


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    There's still some unclaimed prizes here speak now or forever zip-it you have untill January 31st to claim your prize if not then ??? i dunno am sure i could use a game voucher or 2 or even a wireless laser presenter donated by our OcUk Overlords :D
  4. koooowweeee


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    must be mine ha ha

    keep up the good work mate

    happy new year
  5. metbandit1

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    in it to win it...?

    Folding@home for team 10!