OcUK christmas return policy?

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17 Jul 2011
Im sure this was answered somewhere but I couldnt find it.

Is it the same policy as whats on their front page of the website?

ie 14 days no questions 30 days only if product is defective?

Reason I ask is that it seems I am peace-mealing parts and I have ordered a aio watercooler that I am unsure if it will perform well enough, or have an issue (sort of by a less popular brand).

I will probably not be getting my cpu till after christmas considering how stock is doing and my pc-case also. Im pretty much set for the rest.

anyways the product remains unopened but I wont be able to test obviously until I at least get my cpu in but prefer the case also.

So if the policy is 14 days risk it and hold and hope its a decent product or send it back and get a more known brand product.

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