OcUK laptop keyboard, trackpad, chassis

24 Jul 2013
Hi! At some point over the next couple of months I'll be getting a decent (say max £1350) gaming laptop (probably 15" since I have a monitor at home but will transport it) and was looking at custom built laptops here as one option. (Let's pick say the P157SM for example.)

Quickly trawling descriptions, forums, FAQs, YouTube etc. hasn't helped me establish much about the physical aspects of the laptops though. In particular, how would people describe the action of the keyboard, the surface of the trackpad, the ridiculous looking backlighting and random lights in the center? :p

Also, how sturdy are the cases? They look fairly plain and moderately boxy (all fine by me) but do they feel decent quality?

As always, apologies if this is addressed elsewhere.
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4 Oct 2008
I have a slightly older version (P150 I believe). This one doesn't have a backlight but the keyboard is a really nice, good feedback and is a decent quailty. The touchpad is slightly weird, its somewhat textured but it is quiet accurate and I use it happily, although a mouse is always going to be better.

The chassis is extremely well made and very sturdy, I have throw it about and not taken the best care but it has no physical marks, the laptop has no flex even when applying full force. My lid as a slightly textured glittery area which is great as you can simply wipe away any scratches.

Cant offer any info on the fancy lights as my model doesn't have it.