Ongoing Issue, Motherboard?

30 May 2008
Sheffield, England
I built this PC in early '09, it's been running fine up until about 6 months ago.

For the most part I've been able to work around the issues by never turning the computer off - power cuts are all the more annoying now :(

If I attempt to start the PC from 'off'; I won't get a display. Whatever I do, whatever I have connected, I won't get a display. The only way I can get around this is to disconnect everything, take the CMOS battery out, wait 10 minutes, put the PC back together and then boot it with only a single DVI monitor and keyboard connected - anything more than that and it won't give me a display.

This has meant that I pretty much can't turn off the PC at any point, if I attempt to restart the PC for whatever reason, I get stuck in an endless 'post' cycle with the PC continually rebooting and running through this process until I kill the power and then have to go through the procedure previously mentioned.

I can't change anything in the bios. If I save something to the bios, the computer reboots, and then I get no display. So I've had to make do with memory running way below optimum clocks and a number of other issues that are inconvenient but not disastrous.

On Monday I updated my graphics drivers and everything has been fine up until tonight, when I plugged my G35 into the USB port on the rear of the computer, the display just went black and the monitor switched itself off as it would when it cannot detect a signal.

It would appear that I have been able to fix things once again with the CMOS battery removal process once again; but as you might guess, this is getting a little tiring as I have to remove the graphics card to get to the battery each and every time.

I'm pretty sure that it's something motherboard related and that I could probably solve all this just buy replacing the board, but I'd rather not replace it to find that it's in fact something else - hence your thoughts are very much appreciated.

The spec of the computer:
i7 920
Gigabyte UD4P Rev 2.0
6GB 1866Mhz OCZ
Windows 7 64bit
ATi 5870 (I run eyefinity, 3x Samsung DVI with 1 via display port adapter)

Thanks in advance for any help.
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