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Opinions on the BFG 8800GTS OC 320Mb?

26 Dec 2005
I've been delighted with the performance of mine, and from the benchmarks going around it's significantly faster than the x1950xt.
8 Jul 2003
In a house
Yup awesome cards, will blow the x1950 away, went to mine from an x1800 XT 512mb, wasn't expecting such a big leap in performance, but jesus the increase is absolutely staggering, well impressed here, just blew my x1800 away, and the iq is miles better to, well worth sub £200, id go so far as to say thats just to cheap for the performance your getting, incredible. :cool:

Look at the price of the x1950 XTX, its about £247, even that bows down to the GTS, ATi have not got a card out thats as fast as these, and they less than £200. :D
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