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1 Apr 2012
Iam wanting to overclock to 3ghz if possible would it be possible for someone to help me on this please.
My current system is

Intel core 2 duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz
4GB ram
Asus P5K
NVidia 8800GT
Vista 64 bit

any help would be much appriciated
31 May 2010
what cooler are you using? as this will limit how high you can overclock it.
Also a proper Psu (power supply unit) will be a bonus,

first of all, download cpu-z, this will give you all your cpu info
this is a very basic explanation of overclocking

its basic maths. your E6750 is rated at 1333mhz. you always divide this number by 4 so 1333/4= 333, this is your fsb. (or cpu frequency)
then your processor (cpu) has a multiplier (or may say cpu ratio) of 8
so 333 x 8 = 2660mhz or 2.66GHz

boot into bios, disable speedstep and C1e and any other energy saving features.
Manually set the ram speed to its default speed. eg. 667, 800 0r 1066mhz.
can you raise the fsb? yours is now 333. try rising it to 350
boot into windows
download realtemp and coretemp (google them)
install and run them
then download Intel Burn Test (IBT) and run it.
have a look in task manager and notice how much free ram is listed.

in IBT set threads to 2 (for 2 cores) and then click on custom ram and enter an amount just below the free amount.
eg. i have 2520mb free ram. so i enter 2500 into the custom ram.
run the test for 10 passes.
keep an eye on temps (do not let it go over 70.c) use either/and coretemp or realtemp for this

if test runs fine, go back into bios, and change frequency (fsb) to 370 and reboot and repeat the tests.
keep doing this in 20mhz steps until windows will not boot. then just go back a step (remove 20 from the fsb) to the last stable frequency,
just raise the cpu voltage a couple of levels. it should now boot.
its a balancing act, higher voltages will get you higher fsb, but it will also give you higher temps.
the E6750 is safe upto 1.50v

At final speed you can get, do a 30 run of IBT and/or an overnight run of Prime95 blend test

here is a beginners guide for overclocking, and its on the same motherboard as yours ;)
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