1 Aug 2006

So a friend is having problems with his computer rebooting randomly. Often doesn't boot even in safe mode. I finally got round to taking a look to see if I could solve the problem, but as is always the case, it didn't happen when I was using it.

the first time I booted it up in safe mode, took a look at the error log etc. Nothing seemed too unusual. However when booting into windows one time, Dr Watson popped up with 3 "Serious errors" (or something). The error codes in the error log were completely meaningless to me and there's no internet connection on which to see if there are any problems. Should have written them down really.

Anyway, rebooted, went into bios - temperature claims to be 93C. I figure this is probably the problem, is it likely to be quite this high or is the reading wrong? The computer has been shipped around in a car so I guess it's possible the heatsink has lost its contact with the processor. Will probably reseat it. I take it I'm going to need some thermal paste or pads for this?

I believe it's a dual core pentium D 3GHz. PC World built (probably explains alot). It's been opened up so the warranty is already voided..

Quite a long post to not say much. Sorry :). Just wondering if anyone had any ideas.
30 Sep 2006
Midlands, UK
Blimey, its my day for having the same problems as others.

Yep this happened to me. Bummer is, i re-thermited and reseated my P4 3.2GHz three times being more careful each time, also bought a new fan. Temps were still 69 degrees C. and it kep falling on its arse every few minutes.
I put the shutdown temp warning on in the bios but it ignored it, so i decided the mobo was probably screwey.
So bought new mobo and cpu which sorted the problem.

Not really the answer your looking for mate, but its just what i had to do. Good luck.
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