PC wont switch on

4 Feb 2009
Milton Keynes
hey guys just a quick query, my PC wont switch on this morning, worked fine all night, i tried to turn it on a few times, I put the PC sideways on my lap and made sure all cables are in properly, then it did turn on, i managed to get onto windows and run it all fine, so i decided to shut down and put it back, now it wont turn on regardless of where it is, I only bought the new psu in august (and unfortunately for some reason I didn't get it here!) and I'm worried its now blown itself, I have an old OCZ one bought from OCUK but that had a voltage issue on the 12v rail, I will try that and see if its the new psu but can anyone explain why it may of worked while sideways and not upright.

many thanks for all replies!

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