Phoning in about a job interview?

2 Aug 2004
I went for a Job interview, 2 weeks ago on a friday.

The interview went really well, I sold myself well and seemed to answer his question in a good manor.

I was told there were only two other applicants, an internal one which he told me has lead to problems in the past when taking on people from different accounts already in the company.

Second person was also internal but he said he was trying to get out of interviewing her as she has messed him about with the day and time she would be available to interview.

So he said, he would let me hear wednesday, and its now tuesday nearly a week later.

a lot of people have told me to phone up and enquire, but to me that seems pushy and cheeky? While others think it shows enthusiasm.

If I phone how do I go about finding out, and asking the question of if I have been successful? Not sure how to go about it really.

I was told I would be contacted either way, if I was successful or not but im pretty sure the answer is im not :(
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