Physx Problem! HELP

9 Sep 2012
Hi guys! I have just started playing the live version of RaiderZ and i am really really enjoying it. One problem is that the game can run "PhysX" and that's cool and all but i always have the indicator on to show if its running on the gpu and nope! When i open the game its almost like its is being forced to be ran on the cpu for some reason, This is pretty strange as i had the same problem with borderlands 2 But i just set the phys to run on the gpu with the in game option! But with RaiderX this is not the case as i have tweaked so much with the settings to little avail, I have did all the obvious options like going into my Nvidia control panel and im making sure that the Physx option is set to run on my 660Ti and not auto select as i know this could be causing it but... still running on cpu! If anyone has a fix for this is would be Very Very helpful.

Thanks have a nice day!


(My set up/Rig)
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