Pico PSU, not compatible with Dell Bricks?

2 Jan 2022
Hi all,

I have recently bought the parts to build an sff machine in a Lazer3D HT5 case. I have built in one of these cases before and it was absolutely great. The last time I built in the case I had no issue sourcing an hd plex 200w and a Dell 240W PA-9E Power Brick. The problem I am facing with the new build is that hdplex are showing as sold out world wide, I contacted support and they have said they have no idea when they will be back in stock due to the chip shortage (it has been a couple of months now).

I am based in the UK and looking for alternatives was very difficult as most alternatives would have to be imported from elsewhere. I finically managed to find (what I believe to be a genuine) mini-box Pico PicoPSU-160-XT purchased from a reliable site - Onlogic. This part was imported to the UK from the EU.

The PicoPSU-160-XT has arrived and I have came across a lot of constraints. The power jack is very small and mini-box have confirmed that the adapter that comes with the part doesn’t support the full 160W! They suggested buying this part but it would be over £50 for shipping and taxes. I have drawings of how this part is configured so could make one myself. Here are the drawings.

The problem is, I also can’t find a suitable power brick around 200w that would use this connector anyway (the only one I can find is 190w on mini-box’s website (which would be expensive to post).

I am wondering if anyone would know how to create an adapter that could go from the miniFIT-JR adapter to a input 7.4MM x 5.0MM (compatible with Dell power bricks)? I already have a spare miniFIT-JR adapter so my main question would be what parts would I need to get (available in the UK) and how would it be wired? I am also unsure if there a certain type or gauge of wire required?

Alternatively if someone could point me to a suitable solution available just now in the UK that will allow me to use the full 160w and supply a bit more power to the pico than the 160w then that would suit even better.

At this point I would even take suggestions on a fully new power supply solution if there are others that would work with the HT5 case that is available in the UK just now (unfortunately flex is slightly too big for the case), I would be looking for 160w minimum.

Thanks in advance,

4 Jun 2021
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