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Possibly down to my lack of understanding of terminology when it comes to searching IT related things, but can you get a monitor which can display two separate pc outputs on a single screen.

My current working from home set up has me working from a works provided laptop , most my work is limited to email and telephone calls. The software restrictions / permissions prevents the use of web cam on this laptop.

I have a separate pc to access Skype and other web based conferencing apps, I have some additional commitments in addition to my core work role where video conferencing is needed, the only work around to allow this is the use of a separate unrestricted pc.

I have my laptop and home pc connected to separate monitors - Is there a monitor which could display both these outputs side by side? This is only for office based work, and primarily to save a bit of space.

The above makes absolute sense in my head, but if this makes no sense at all to you please be gentle with me!

9 Mar 2012
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Yes you can. Look at the product descriptions, a lot do have these features now, look for PIP or PBP as it's sometimes abbreviated to these for Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture respectively. Make sure it has enough HDMI or DP ports for your needs then you'd use the on screen display to enable one of those dual picture/source modes. Some monitors also have a KVM feature too which allows you to share one keyboard and mouse between both systems otherwise you'd need a USB switch or wireless peripherals or two pairs of keyboards and mice. If you do also go for the KVM option you should check how it functions as some require one of the systems to connect to USB-C on the monitor so that system would need to have USB-C with DP Alt Mode.

As a starting point, these might suit...

27" M27Q https://www.overclockers.co.uk/giga...led-backlit-gaming-kvm-monitor-mo-00e-gi.html

G-MASTER GB3461WQSU-B1 https://www.overclockers.co.uk/iiya...esync-ultrawide-gaming-monitor-mo-13j-iy.html

Philips 439P9H

Philips 499P9H

Dell U3818DW

LG 38WN95C-W https://www.overclockers.co.uk/lg-3...ed-widescreen-led-backlit-gami-mo-15n-lg.html

Also check they suit the graphics cards in both systems, eg if one is AMD graphics you wouldn't want a purely G-Sync monitor.
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18 Mar 2020
Not all PBPs and PIPs are "created equal" so check videos and reviews to see if they fit your needs. You definitely do not want say a PBP that puts images side by side in a ratio that makes them look stretched and with empty black bars on bottom.

Consider also keeping both monitors. I'm in a somewhat similar situation to you (home PC + monitor 1, work laptop + monitor 2) and I use software like Synergy to seamlessly move mouse/keyboard between the 2 monitors controlled by 2 different PCs.
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