Please Help

11 May 2006
Recently i built a new PC. Ive had a few problems with it and ive slowly been working my way through them and have now arrived at this final one.

I randomly get system hangs, ive tried formatting my PC incase it was a bad OS install - that didnt help. My only conclusion is that its the hard drive, my rig is:

3700+ SD
CFX3200-DR Lan Party Mobo
2x 1024 (2x512) DDR400 Ballistix Ram (not faulty hav checked with memtest86)
80GB SATA2 8mb Maxitor HD (Primary)
250GB SATA2 16MB Maxitor HD (Secondary)
1900X 512 VPU

Processor Idles at bout 40 degrees C

Ive run a good few HD tests (HDTach, HD Test Pilot and tried using Maxitors own one but it doesnt recognise my controllers and so doesnt work) and none hav come bac with any errors on the C drive but im thinking it could be more to do with the buffer then the actual C drive its self. It needs mentioning that none of these system hangs have caused my system to crash, it just hangs for bout 1 second, bit like if u over load the processor but it happens too often (mayb 10 times a day if not more) to be my CPU usage. It can happen at any time it seems.

Ive looked for new drivers and havent seen any for my board dunno if ive just been too stupid to c them tho. Any suggestions would be appreciated


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