Plesk SB Panel vs Plesk Panel

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4 Nov 2002
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I've just got a server with Plesk SB Panel installed. As I'm not a business, I'm thinking Plesk Panel might be more suitable, and more flexible, for single-user multi-domain hosting. Having poked around in SB, there isn't much that says 'power user', but I suspect that's the point.

So, before I throw the switch, have I got that right, or did I miss something in my attempt to do a comparison? If I could switch 'at will', that'd be nice, but I believe I have to reinstall to do it (which is fine, I have that option until I start filling the server with data).

Thank you

PS - I'd love to cull InnoDB from MySQL too, but it looks like Plesk needs it. Shame - I'll be loading multi-gigabyte databases and need every ounce of performance I can get, and MyISAM is what my app is written for.
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