Possible problem with 2x1GB Crucial DDR2-5300 Tenth Anniversary

18 Oct 2005
After screwing together a brand new system with the following specifications:

Intel Core 2 DUO E6600
Gigabyte GA_965P_DS4
2x1GB Crucial DDR2-5300 Tenth Anniversary
Corsair HX 520W PSU
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition
All the rest of the jazz

My friend noticed that several error messages would occur sporadically in Windows Vista, and eventually the entire OS would bluescreen and reboot.

After attempting to remedy the problem over the phone with me, I instructed that he run Memtest for the night. This in turn, yielded several errors. So, baring this in mind, he tried each of the modules individually (both Memtest and gaming). As expected, the system worked perfectly with one of the modules, not so with the other. Thus, we decided that the memory was probably faulty.

After a lengthy telephone conversation with an OcUK representative, they concurred that the memory was probably at fault and advised my friend to return it promptly.

However, after a long wait (with zero correspondence, I might add), the same memory has been returned to my friend in the post. OcUK have stated that it is in fact not faulty and that he now owes them money for an extra delivery. I understand that they possibly have access to more sophisticated hardware testing equipment, but is this correct? What else could it be?

If anyone knows of any incompatibility issues with the aforementioned components, or have had a similar problem in the past, I'd love to hear from you. I've used OcUK for years and have had nothing but praise for them, but now I'm feeling a little guilty for recommending them to a good friend.

EDIT: Everything is running at stock speed. The RAM operating parameters have been set by SPD.
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17 Apr 2006
Ask for details of the testing. It may be they have not tested the RAM with the same components at the same speeds etc.

Test the RAM yourselves in a different machine (if you have access to one).

Negotiate with customer services after you have completed the above.

As the customer services representative advised them to return the RAM I think it's a bit cheeky they charged your friend, I'd ask customer services about that.
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