Power Supply ?

19 Dec 2002
See here (for next 3-5 days anyway..)


On Friday the 2nd of February our main server suffered a serious power issue which caused irreparable damage to our main drive and backup drive. This has left us with an out of date customer database and no website.

The main drive has been sent away for data recovery and we hope to have full service resumed within 3 to 5 days. Until then, we are unable to take any new hosting or domain orders but support is available via email at [email protected].

It should be noted that this issue has affected only our website and three others. All servers remain fully operational and your hosting service is up and running as normal.

We greatly appreciate your patience in this matter.


The 4UH Team.

Can only have been the power supply ?

Fairly catastrophic consequences it has to be said :eek:

A it happens, one of the 3 sites on their main server was one I'm involved with :( We had to quickly sign up another provider and domain as a back-up site. Fortunately that's very easy

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27 Sep 2004
It could be the PSU itself although most do/should have a redundant PSU as far as I am aware, which if it isn't a direct PSU fault suggests to me either the UPS or some form of power spike but those are just guesses. Glad it is sorted for you now though. :)
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