Powerline Networking - Advice needed

19 Oct 2002
Auckland, New Zealand
I currently live in an old Mansion Block in London and have just had ADSL installed. Unfortunately, because of where the socket is, I've had to have the wireless router installed beside it. Even though the PC may be 30m away from the router, there are5 solid brick walls in the way, leading to a signal strength of 1/2 which does occasionally drop... I'm also limited in the download speed from the router due to this problem.

Firstly, is there any cheap way of checking that the wiring in this flat will be good enough to have a powerline system installed?

Secondly, what are users experience of these powerline systems? I'm looking at atleast 100mbps actual throughput, not theoretical... so I'm probably looking at those HD netgear ones? Do they work well, any issues?

Thanks in advance.
3 Jul 2004
Set up PL stuff a lot for clients, works a dream, the HDX101's work very well, ya can watch a x264 with out a problem.

One thing, they cant realy be used with a power surge protecter, I've had maybe 2 clients outa maybe 100+ with these, blow one of them. Netgear are very very quick to get you your replacment.

The testing part you ask about I dont know, but I can say that with 100+ PL instails ive never meet a problem with any.

Also remember you are covered with distance selling regulations and 7 day returns and OC supports this.
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