Problem with new RAM and Akasa Venom Cooler

18 Jul 2009
Tividale, West Midlands
Hi Folks,

I upgraded on Friday to a spanking new 2500K and a 8 gig of Corsair Vengence. Both work perfectly, however I have migrated my old CPU cooler the Akasa Venom to my new build.

This is my problem, my Venom cooler is so big, and my RAM heatspreaders so high that I can only fit the Venom facing downward, or if rotated 90 degrees with the fan at the rear of the cooler, because my Venom cooler covers the RAM slots, and my RAM is no longer low profile...

I have two options...

!) Spend more money on low profile RAM...

2) Fit a new cooler that matches my Venom for quiet and effectiveness that does not coolide with the Corsair Vengence RAM.

What would you guys suggest? Or is there a 3rd way?


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