Problems trying to create a webdisk on windows 7.

12 Mar 2004
I'm trying to map a network drive in windows as a webdisk, after I enter the domain I'm asked for my username and password, but after I enter them windows says that the folder does not appear to be valid.

It seems that a lot of people have had this same problem with windows and I have so far not been able to find a solution to what should be a very simple task and works on other os like osx just fine.

Does anyone have any experience here trying to use a webdisk on windows 7?
5 Dec 2006
I think Windows 7 doesn't support WebDisk anymore due to authentication/security issues. I've never been able to get it working either.

The next best thing is mapping an FTP site. Works perfectly.

Same process, but instead of using your webdisk URL, just use your FTP address and login details.

Edit: just re-read your post and you mention a network drive?

All you need to do is browse to the server using explorer, '\\server\' then right click on the network drive and click "map network drive".
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