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Problems with Rivatuner Statistics HELP!

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by MRLEEMRLEE, Jun 16, 2017.



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    I cant get the UI to load when i click open. It runs in the background of my comp and shows in game but just not the UI.

    Its really annoying and ive been trying to fix it for over an hour...

    Also the statistics crash in game too and turn into a jumble of orange squares.

    ANy ideas???

    Im running windows 10 creators addition and version 7 of riva

  2. D1craig

    Wise Guy

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    im sure their is a way to add applications to a list in rivatuner. maybe your app needs adding? i cant tell you how though as i dont use it anymore.
  3. Seblirium


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    Have you tried the usual steps (task manager -> End Process, Rebooting, or even reinstall RTSS). I can't say I've ever had that issue with it myself, but any issues I have had tend to go away after doing one of those steps I mention.