"Progress Thru Processors"

25 Jul 2006
I haven't started a thread in a while and did take a minute to quickly search for this but nothing came up so I hope I'm not reposting.

I was just on Facebook when I noticed this advert along the side for an application, "Progress Thru Processors", Which equates to folding on Facebook. Now whilst I have never really thought about folding before I have sat here and thought that doing it through Facebook was a great way to target people that would be willing to help. I'm not kidding but when I checked it earlier it said that it had 74,000 fans, checking a minute ago it had closer to 93,000. Again I haven't tried this version but it seems that there are 3 options you can choose from.

Rosetta @ Home - Help further AIDS, malaria, cancer and Alzheimer's research with this project.

Climateprotection.net - Combat global warming by helping run climate prediction software.

Africa @ Home - Help control the spread of malaria by providing computer resources to African institutions.

I'm not sure when this group or application was started but I'm sure it wasn't that long ago. Nor am I sure how long ago folding started, quite a while ago I'm guessing. And since this Facebook application has come it's gained an extra 5000 folders. Ok it's only a mere percentage of the total number of Fans but surely something is better than nothing. These people are willing to give up their processing power in the aid of research, which I find a nice gesture. Thoughts and opinions?

Progress Thru Processors
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