Project H20 NZXT Phantom

22 Jul 2010
Huddersfield, W. Yorskhire
After spending time wondering what to spend my money on I've deceided to go down the water cooling route.

My current rig can be seen in my sig, and I'm currently running on air with the Noctua DH14 /w standard fans which has done a great job for now (4.4Ghz @ 1.240v = Idle 29C/Load 57C - As of time writing this)

Today I drilled the rivets out holding the HDD bays in place, now I have a nice empty space ready for a radiator where the bays where at bottom/front.


I only have two HDD's. One is a SSD which is going to be mounted like this


My remaining SATA HDD is now mounted on a £3 3.5' to 5.25' brackets under the optical drive.


These are my ideas so far, a thinner 360mm radiator at top which will just fit in place with minimal clearance of the RAM modules and VRM heatsinks. Plus a 240mm radiator at the bottom in the nice open space now created.


Only question now is would you prefer a thicker top 360mm radiator and thinner fans or slimmer top 360mm radiator and thicker fans?

Due to the Phantom restrictions I can only use two fans in 'pull' configuration as I don't want to loose the top mounted USB/Sound headers.

The other option I have is run two 240mm radiators which would both have full push/pull fan setup.

I also don't know how I would mount the pump but I presume it comes with a T-bracket and it would be a simple job of drilling fixing holes into the motherboard panel base.

Heres some pics of other Phantom projects to prove the 360mm radiators can fit upstairs...


20 Sep 2011
Only question now is would you prefer a thicker top 360mm radiator and thinner fans or slimmer top 360mm radiator and thicker fans?

I'm no expert, but I would have thought the thicker rad would need fans that produce more pressure, which I'm guessing are the thicker ones?

Would you be able to fit a thin rad with thin fans in push / pull?
If you could I don't know how would that compare to a thick rad with thin fans.
28 May 2010
London, UK
Seems like you are going for a Koolance CPU 370 for the cpu block? :)

both of your example projects have used bey res combos which will have the pump in side the drive bay res, this would solve the space problem for the pump.

Last pic is a good example since you seems to have sli 460s going in the loop as well(apart from that nasty kink from bottom gpu to 240rad)

I had a setup where I used a RS240 rad and a 240 gt stealth rad for a Q6600 and 6950 both over clocked and runs hotter than your hardware.

So I would assume even a thin 360 rad and a good 240 rad would be enough with good fans like scythe GTs on push alone!
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