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Prologue - from Pubg creator

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by ~>Dg<~, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. ~>Dg<~


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    is it another BR ? no one knows yet but its from Brendan Greene pubg creator. could be that next thing people are waiting for.

    PUBG creator Brendan Greene moved on from the development team earlier this year and relocated to Amsterdam to work on the "special projects" division to cook up new ideas. One of those projects has now been revealed, as Playerunknown Productions revealed a game called "Prologue" during The Game Awards.

    A teaser trailer for Prologue aired during the awards show, but it didn't reveal much at all beyond showcasing some nice-looking environments. The developer's website has a few more details: "Prologue is an exploration of new technologies and gameplay. Our aim with this game is to give players unique and memorable experiences, each and every time they play."

  2. Gimpymoo


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    Would not trust the guy to give my money to ever again.
  3. ~>Dg<~


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    i know you didnt enjoy pubg in your 2 hrs of playing it but many do. this could be a survival game like dayz for eg. what i do like what he does is he gets out what many want from this genre of game. h1z1 was amazing until it got messed up. dayz mod was brilliant one of the best games i played . so if he does do a survival game and can nail was the dayz imbeceils messed up in a survival game it would get many people playing and excited. he has talked about making his own survival game few years back and now he has his own studio with money he can do it. probably as he wanted to in other titles hes worked on. so we could potentially have a really great game in the workings. hopefully its just not another cash in title we are all afraid of after dayz standalone , mavericks and the like.
  4. Bishie

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    This was some years back, but it makes sense! Hopefully it will be an original take on the genre.
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  5. Threepwood


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    He said he was not going to go and do another BR game, but instead do something else... So I presume its not an BR game :p
  6. Malevolence


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    ATF simulator, where you go innawoods to shoot dogs?
  7. Woodsta888

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  8. LOAM


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    I really like what Brendan Greene does to be honest. Pubg has been without exception the best and longest PC game I've ever played and we are still playing regularly even now, it never gets old.
  9. SPG


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    Oh dear.... just no....

    Lord british....Arse
    Brendon greene...Arse

    Do not like giving my money to Arses :)
  10. bledd


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    I'm in.

    Spent hundreds of hours on pubg