Pulse 3D or........

31 Mar 2020

looking to get a headset or headphones mainly for use with ps5 but may also use for watching films at night without waking the kids up! not really bothered about a mic, will be 80%+ single player games

I dont want to spend £100 on a pulse 3d if something I can get for circa £200 will be measurably better.

Whats everyone using and why
30 Dec 2010
It's hard to suggest because headphones are a really personal thing.
I can only tell you I had an Arctis 7P which cost £159.99 and sounded to me like a £29.99 headset. They were however super comfortable and the battery is outstanding.
I now have a set of Audeze Penrose which were £249.99, the sound quality alone is worth the extra from the 7P to me but I don't find them anywhere near as comfortable.

If you aren't fussed about wireless or mix I'd suggest a decent pair of headphones than can be used through the controller like the Fidelio X2 (122 at amazon) they are above and beyond most gaming headsets and you can add an inline mic (vmoda boom pro) for about £20 if you wish.

I personally think the Penrose sound better than my Fidelios which I was not expecting from a wireless set.
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