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question about image scaling and radeon image sharpening - 1080p performance at 1440p resolution?

18 Oct 2002
I'm looking into getting a 1440p 144hz monitor but I'm currently only running an RX480, which isn't going to be able to push those fps at 1440p. I love Star Wars Squadrons and, on ultra settings, it runs an average of around 120fps, so with a few tweaks I'm sure I can boost that up a bit. Obviously, if I switch to 1440p that's going to kill those FPS quite a bit and if I run at 1080p the image is going to look blurry.

My memory might be a little hazy here, but I read a while back about image scaling and radeon image sharpening which, when combined, meant you can effectively run a game upscaled from 1080p (or whatever resolution) to 1440p and sharpened so it looks ALMOST as good as if it were running native QHD. What do I have to set to do this? My searches seem to be full of contradictory information.

Obviously I will upgrade the graphics card at some stage but the graphics card market is a hot mess at the moment so I'm letting it settle first.

3 Apr 2007
First you could try enabling VSR to run the game at 1440p internal res downscaled to your 1080p monitor.
That way at least you should be able to get a rough idea of what kind of frame rate to expect and what settings you might need to drop.

With RIS it's more like a post process filter, rather than say something like DLSS.
AFAIK you just enable RIS and then adjust the percentage slider as to how aggressive you want the sharpening to be.
If you're going to be running the game at 1080p on a 1440p monitor I think you'd also want to enable GPU scaling.

You could probably also test this now by running the game at like 900p/720p and have it upscale to your 1080p monitor and see the impact the settings have.
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