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Question on uninstalling gfx drivers in vista.

5 Jul 2004
Gateshead, United Kingdom
When i uninstall my nvidia gfx drivers in vista as normal and reboot into safe mode to use drivercleaner i find that vista still loads up default windows drivers for a standard vga adaptor.

I do not get the option to cancel out of this process as normally i presume you would so you can clean install new forceware drivers.

Is there a way to stop vista pre-installing the basic bog standard drivers for a vga adaptor or is it perfectly normal to install forceware drivers over preloaded bog standard windows gfx drivers after using driver cleaner aswell in safe mode?

I do disable my internet conncetion aswell so windows update cant update gfx drivers online but still it preloads basic windows gfx drivers for some reason. :confused:

Hope that made sense as again, vista keeps reloading bog standard windows drivers on rebooting after uninstalling forceware drivers.

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