Questions about my new Upgrade

31 Jul 2009
Hi guys, heres a screenshot of my recent upgrade. Its based on the E6300 (2.8GHz version), Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G, and im using an Akasa nero cooler in a 5 year old cramped Fujitsu siemens scaleo T case. The only thing i've changed is the voltage from auto (was hitting 1.4v+), and i set it to the stock voltage (1.275) but it doesnt even reach that when at load. 2.8ghz - 3.68ghz at stock volts tells me this chip has potential.

The only thing stopping me from pushing it further is the temps. In gonna get a new case soon but still not decided which yet (antec 902 and 300 trading blows). I'm playing it safe so i want to avoid increasing the voltage. But if i was going to, does anyone know the safest possible voltage i can use? I want the chip to last.

There are some errors in the reading. The easytune system temp is the same as the speedfan "temp1" and the easttune cpu temp is the same as the "temp2" so its reading it right. The thing thats confusing me as well is what is the difference between the cpu temp and core 0/1 temps

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11 Sep 2003
Hi Temi_D,

yeah they are great chips man, 4GHz is possible as is 500MHz-FSB, lovely! :)

Download Coretemp and lets be seeing at least 20-50 loops of LinX stability, if its rock stable where you have it atm then you have a super chip. I've tested two E6300s and the sweet spot seems approx 3800MHz with 1.375vCore.

They can go higher for sure but maybe need 1.4vCore to 1.5vCore which is ok but costs alot of ££££ to run.

[edit] ignore CPU temps as that is a socket reading, your only interested in Core Temps!
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