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7 Dec 2011
Hi Guys,
The time for my yearly upgrade it nearly upon me. My current system (all parts bought from OCUK) is a core i5 system is perfect in my recording studio and has been the most stable system I have ever used (I think in part due to windows 7 and cubase 5)
The only thing I'm not entirely happy with is the noise that comes from the case (I just went for a budget case from OCUK, to put as much money as possible into hardware)
Any how, system noise is going to be a priority on this build (I already run SSD's inside the system so its fan noise i need to focus on) , so I'm seeking your expert advice as to what case and cooling system I should get to ensure my system is quiet as possible, bearing in mind I will be using intel either i7 2011 socket or Ivy Bridge

Thanks in advance.
13 Nov 2011
There's also the Bitfenix Ghost, and the Coolermaster Silencio 650 which can both be had for under £100, allowing for more money on components.

The R4, as suggested is also a good case. I've heard plenty of good things about it.

If it were me personally (and I'm no expert) if go for the Ghost as I'd take advantage on the amount of space up top to install water cooling radiators.

- Anthony.
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