Ram help need to upgrade my systems ram.

1 Apr 2010
Have been having a few issues trying to figue out which kit of ram would work in my system

I was told by a friend that my motherboard would only support ram in tri channel mode.

This is my motherboard http://uk.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3449#sp

Got a i7 930 currently with 6 gig of ram the ram just isnt cutting it for me now.

so i have been looking at Ram options and when i look for tri channel ram i only can find kits of 12gig but they seem Expensive when i could get 16 gig of ram for £58

But if that wouldnt work then i would be stuck with 12 gig of ram thats tri channel but for a hefty price.

Could anyone help me here? I would prefer to be able to put 16 gig in instead of 12 considering the price diffrences lolz

from my understanding That my friend said quad channel ram or duel channel would not work? am i right in thinking this and that i would have to look for tri channel only?


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11 Oct 2009
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You can put in a 4x4gb kit fine but it will run in dual channel instead of tri channel. Refer to your manual which slots to use for a dual channel setup. Honestly there's not much noticable difference between dual and tri channel anyway.

What will you be using the PC for? 12gb is more than enough for gaming and video editing.
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