Ram Issue?

3 Jul 2008
Fife way up in Scotland
Hi peoples,

Just looking afor a little bit of help here.

Im running Crucial balistix tracer RAM 4x1GB on an asus P5N-T Deluxe motherboard.

Every so ofter(weeks at a time) I get the blue screen with a load of white writting the only part i can see is Memory dump, its so quick i cant read it.

I have ran MEMTest and comes back with no errors, and the RAM is seated ok.

Anyone got any ideas why this is happening or if there is a ref number i can try see when it does this so i can locate the issue

Forgot to mention its not overclocked or underclocked.
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19 Apr 2003
As you're using all your DIMM slots, you could try bumping up the NB (MC[H]) voltage a couple of increments, if you haven't done so already. This sometimes solves stability isues when all 4 slots are filled - as it puts added stress on the NB.
15 Nov 2008
disable automatic restart, that way youll be able to read the error message, it will give you more idea whether it is RAM or some other issue

1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

2. Click the Advanced tab.

3. Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.

4. Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK the necessary number of times.

5. Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.
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