Ram OC causing GPU instability?

20 Sep 2020
I've opened this topic in overclocking section think it's better suited here tho.
Hi guys I OC my ram to 3800 so I can set fclk to 1900 yesterday and everything looked just fine.
I followed the ryzen dram calc guide both safe and fast options posted normally and stress test did not reveal any instability with ram. I even later managed to raise it to 3866 and fclk 1933 temporary without issues again. I than decided to test it by playing some games. I even started OC my GPU to find some limits on it. At some point I started getting crashes with direct X error. No bsod no restarts just crashes of game. Decided to run some stress test and noticed during aida64 stress test GPU fails each time within 5-15 minutes. Is it actually possible that the ram OC can be causing such GPU behaviour? Or is it the fclk itself? I was unable to make the you stable again. I updated drivers while clearing previous 1st using ddu. Reverted any settings related to GPU oc. Set everything in drivers to default no help. Than I started reverting ram OC in bios. Safe settings did not help with issue. I started having concerns than maybe I just find out my GPU is failing (quite new unit just month old)
The issue has been solved when I reverted bios to optimal settings. Running aida64 as u read it and it's 1.5h and going with no issues. I'll try more demanding stress test overnight. Now I'm kind of puzzled on what to think about it. If you want I can supply info about my OC timings if that would help diagnose the problem. Listing my hardware below :

Gigabyte aorus x570 master (rev 1.1 with 31k beta bios)
Ryzen 5900x (no OC just PBO turned on) cooled with arctic liquid freezer II 420 (temps no issue)
Amd 6800xt MBA (GPU temps highest observed at 57° and 78° at junction)
G.SKILL Trident Z - F4-3600C17D-32GTZR 32 GB (16 GB x 2)
Sabrent Rocket gen4 1tb - 3 of those
PSU 1000w gold from Corsair.

I highly doubt temperatures are any issue as I've massive case and its really well cooled I've 420mm radiator on AIO and 4 120mm fans there is alot of room and temperatures are really low on every component compared to any other benchmark temps u can find online.

Any help would be appreciated

That's settings in bios:

Edit: ok so FCLK is not an issue running fclk 1900 and ram at 3800 with default timings gives no faults so far during stress test. Will run some games now
Edit 2: 2.5h gaming resulted in no issue the system is stable with ram OC @3800 and [email protected] Timings are default from xmp profile tho.
Still thinking how I can adjust the settings that I could get timings tweaked according to what dram calc guide said. Should I up the voltage somewhere?
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