RAM Problem

6 Jun 2009
Hi all.My MB just came back from RMA....they said that the MB works fine with all memory slots filled.So I mounted everything on it(GPU,CPU,RAM etc.).But since my CPU is dead (Q8200) I mounted another one (Pentium Dual-Core E2160) the problem is that when I insert my 2 RAM cards the pc doesn't post if I remove one it posts.It all worked fine with the Q8200 but now it only works with one RAM card.I also tryed different slots and I also changed the places between them.I also tryed with my RAM that worked fine together with the E2160 on my old cpu but on this one it still doesn't post and if I remove one card it works.So got any ideas that you want to share with me or do you think that I sould wait for the new cpu and then see the results.
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