Random in-game mouse pause.

16 Nov 2011
So i've exhausted a lot of options to try and fix this but it seems to pop up a lot lately and it's starting to bug me.

About every 1-2 minutes whenever gaming i get this specific mouse pause when gaming, its only a quick pause like the mouse gets caught on something then jumps a tad. Happens about once every 1-2 minutes and only in gaming.

I've swapped mouse, set the settings correctly (1000hz, no enhance etc) but it keeps happening. I even resorted to a fresh windows install and it still happens. Not the mouse matt as that has stayed the same and i only just cleaned it a few days ago to see if it helps, cleaned all the mouse lasers etc and its not an ingame fps drop like stutter its the mouse just freezes annoyingly.

Trouble is it's only in games and not on desktop, and its only started recently within the last two weeks but even the fresh reinstall didnt help. Theres never any spikes in gpu/cpu usage when it happens nor high temps.

This build was an OCUK one with a i7 6700k @ stock clocks, 16gb Ram, gtx 1080 founders.

FPS wise and stuff it runs fine, best PC i've had but i just cant fix this issue. If anyone has any tips that'd be appreciative.