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RDP on Linux mint issues

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by Chris Wilson, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Chris Wilson


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    I installed the current Linux Mint 32 bit last night on a legacy PC. My main desire is to use this PC in my bedroom to remote to 3 Windows 7 64 bit PC's in another part of the house. The network is hard wired.

    I installed Remmina and from the get go it was a nightmare. First it beefed about the colour settings then when I had finally found where to change that I had the mouse pointer disappearing when on certain parts of the remote PC desktop. Window sizing was also wonky.

    I have a very low threshold of intolerance with this sort of thing, so before I go further, is this sort of thing typical, or is there a Remote Desktop software that just works,like Windows RDP in Windows itself? [​IMG]

    I also perhaps made the mistake in downloading Cinnamon, where a less hardware intensive package may have been more appropriate, so currently my slow,out in the sticks connection is grabbing the xfce 32 bit version. But I do NOT want to fiddle about, am I going to get a reliable, no hassle connection to Windows PC's running MS RDP? What should I be using please? Thanks very much for any replies!