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15 Dec 2019
Hi all,
I finally decided to go ahead and sell my old parts to somebody who will make more use of it than me, but I am not in the subject of 2nd hand parts so not sure how much to ask for it.
I've got following hardware components and I don't need them anymore due to upgrades I've recently made.

- GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080
- Processor: Intel i5 8400
- Motherboard: Z370 AORUS Gaming K3
- Cooler: SilentiumPC Fera 3
- Case: SilentiumPC Regnum RG2

What do you guys think what is the reasonable price to ask for all parts or separetely for each of them?
18 Oct 2002
Welcome to the forum, unfortunately you can't ask here for price checks. You need to have alot more posts to be able to access the members market where you would be able to ask. Most here would advise looking on the going rates on Ebay.
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