recommend me a new sound card please

21 Oct 2002
Just got a new Ryzen system together and I fancy improving the sound quality (and volume hopefully).
I have no idea as to whats what with sound cards, but want something where the software is easy to use and there aren't any compatibility issues either. I'm looking towards the cheaper end of the price scale, around the £30-£50 mark. I'm not interested in surround sound or any fancy recording options, just nice sound quality mainly through headphones. I'm currently looking at the offerings from Asus in the price range stated.
Any suggestions?
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6 Jun 2008
Well, Asus isn't overall great in their driver support.
Couple cards even have "tiny" incompatibility problem.
Also CMI chip used by older cards has "little" bug which can make it spew out full amplitude static noise.
Maybe using old PCI sound chip through bridge chip might have something to do with that.
PCI-e sound chip based Phoebus cards again were ditched before five years age and latest Strix cards use USB sound chip.

Sound Blaster Z bulk/OEM would fit to that.
Creative has Win10 drivers for even some dozen years old cards, so driver support likely continues still for many years.

Of course for best compatibility Windows standard USB sound device driver based DACs would be unbeatable.
Though if you play games stereo sound with headphones sucks.
Assuming those headphones are capable to accurate signal reproduction good HRTF algorithm gives major improvement to immersion.
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