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Recommend me an AIO please?

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by AMDPower, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. AMDPower

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    Hi all

    I am planning on going full water setup over the next few months and was set on just some cheap amd wraith cooler and slowly i found my self going from I want £10 cheap cooler and few reviews later all the way to be quite dark pro 4 cpu air cooler and that is £75 ish. So i though i might as well put a little more and get a AIO as i am not ready to go full water cooling. I am not sure how i got myself into this situation lol but here i am.

    There is just so many AIO don't know what to choose, I do have a space for 360mm rad but would prefer something like 240mm or even 120mm to go with my ryzen 2700x.

    Ideally want

    240mm rad
    very reliable, i don't want leaks everywhere.
    very quite, i cant tolerate fan or pump noise much.
    RGB if possible, this new case of mine will be a showcase case.
    I dont want to spend too much given that i will go full water later on.

    any recommendations would be helpful

  2. lee32uk


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    Cheap and cheerful to tide you over until you water cool. It is RGB and doesn't break the bank. If you are going custom loop in a few months then it makes more sense in my opinion to spend £30 rather than £70+ on something that is going to be unused in a month or so.

    Also Zero chance of it leaking :)

    My basket at Overclockers UK:
    Total: £37.69 (includes shipping: £8.70)

  3. clone


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    You would be surprised what a AIO can do I had my 8700k @ 4.8ghz 1.26v 23c idle about 48c odd gaming on a corsair H150i pro.
  4. LuckyBenski

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    If you're willing to spend that much cash, the top end air coolers like Dark Rock Pro and similar will perform incredibly well and often quieter than AIO at full speed.

    If you plan to avoid custom loop, I'd recommend the air cooler. If you plan to do a custom loop soon, I would save cash now and buy a reasonably priced air cooler as a stand-in
  5. sentinelstrike


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