Recommend to me: Soundcard, specific to my needs :D

24 Sep 2006
Hey! :)
I posted in another persons thread about this but I wanted to be more specific so thought it best to start a new topic :p

Anyway, I am hoping to get a pair of the GoldringsDR150. They seem very popular.
But I feel that my onboard sound probably wont really do them justice.
So I am looking for a new card that would compliment them best.
However, I would prefer not to pay for things that I won't use, so I am unsure just which card to go for.

I read that a Xonar works well with the DR150's. But I also read that this card is not ideal for gaming.
I would say my sound setups importance is around 50/50 (music & games, specicially positioning in games)
But most of the games I play are not that new, so I suppose unlikely to offer the more advanced features of the creative range?

So which type of card and then which model would you suggest?
Cheers! :D
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